fuck everybody else

21. California. Hip Hop.

hehehe new camera!!! :) 

hehehe new camera!!! :) 

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have u ever been around a really hot girl and u had to remind yourself to contain the gay

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me in a nutshell.

me in a nutshell.

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doing this. how funny would that be. just see where he chooses to look… Lol

doing this. how funny would that be. just see where he chooses to look… Lol

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i’m in the mood for a boy with a deep voice to tell me nice things 

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repeat after me

  • there’s nothing “slutty” or inherently wrong about posting nudes for attention
  • wanting attention is okay
  • being proud of your body is a beautiful thing
  • let’s stop perpetuating the idea that being open with your body/sexuality is somehow a shameful or negative thing because it isn’t
  • and if that makes me slutty or shameful then good i want to be the sluttiest slut of them ALL
  • kiss my cute butt

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The face she makes right after the climax <3 


I fucking love the adorable dreamy look in her eyes

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